Whiny Wednesday: Itzy Ritzy Saves the Day! (plus, giveaway)

Hello, omigosh, my arms are delighted. Where have you been all my baby-carrying life, Itzy Ritzy Wrap & Roll?! The days of my arm suffering are gone, and I can’t tell you how excited this makes me. (Did I mention I’m a bit of a weakling when it comes to carrying a car seat? ;) ) Of course we upgraded our car seat this time around to the fabulous UPPAbaby – and it weighs much less than the Chicco we carried with little C. (so applause for that). But, a car seat is a car seat and none of them are lightweight for a mama to tote around – um, especially when the baby is actually in there and starts growing. Itzy Ritzy has some of my most fav, cute, cute products on the planet, and this is just one of them (so glad they sent this wrap to me to try out!).

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