The 27 Products Mothers Should Never Travel Without

February 4th 2014 – So you’ve been thinking of taking your kids on a trip for a while now right? Or maybe you’re a seasoned traveler with you’re little ones.  It doesn’t have to be a hassle the right products to make your vacation stress free.  We’ve put together a list of products that will help.

15. Don’t you just hate when things leak? Yeah we do too!  Try the Travel Happens™ Sealed Wet Bag.

The Travel Happens™ Sealed Wet Bag is made from 100% cotton fabric exterior with thick and lush waterproof lining. It’s perfect for travel, especially for diapers, swimwear, travel, wet clothes, yoga items, toiletries & more.

16. Your little one will feel so grown up with the  Preschool Happens™ Little Kid Backpack

Stash your tot’s travel necessities in the Preschool Happens™ Little Kid Backpack adorable, fun-sized pack that lets him feel like a big kid, while the included harness keeps him from dashing out of sight.

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