Our Friend Sarah Michelle Gellar Shares Her List of Baby Fav’s…

March 25, 2014- Being in the “baby biz”, We’re always curious what baby and kids products our friends consider to be their “favs”.

We feel very fortunate that our friend Sarah Michelle Gellar was willing to share some of her favorite items with us – and post them to Guncles Online! (Be sure to watch her show – “The Crazy Ones”, Thursday nights on CBS!)

We’ll let Sarah take it from here! (Thanks, Sarah!!)  Enjoy her thoughts and take notes!  XOXO, GUNCLES


I am constantly getting asked what my favorite baby/child products are. So here is a list. It’s random. Just stuff that I like, and have found extremely useful. And for the record, I am not getting paid for this. This is just some mom to mom and dad sharing. You may even disagree with some of my thoughts, and that’s ok (well you would be wrong……just kidding)

There are so many toys on the market that I could probably write a book on them. But there is a new toy that I recently discovered, and by I mean me, as I can’t stop playing with these- GoldieBlox. It’s no secret that I love Legos, but these are such a great addition to that world. For so long “girls toys” were usually frivolous fashion dolls (nothing against a good Barbie doll but Bratz really????) and “Boys Toys” involved the cool aspects of construction and engineering. But GoldieBlox is out to change all that. By appealing to the world girls love, story and character and combining them with the ability to construct the sky is the limit. And they are not for girls only. My son always looks on with amazement that the designs my daughter is able to create using these blocks and her imagination.
Now some odds and ends…
  • For teething – Zoli Gummy Sticks Gum Massager
  • For on-the-go- Itzy Ritzy reusable Snack Bags. (So nice not to have to waste plastic baggies)
  • Diaper clean up- Diaper Dekor. I have tried many and once you master putting in the bags, it’s the easiest to clean and keeps the smell to a minimum
  • Noodle and Boo products- Mainly because I just love the smell
  • For slightly older kids- Kid’sleep classic alarm clock. Get them started early so you don’t have early risers crawling onto bed with you
  • Books books and more books- You are never to learn to love to read
  • Also just a thank you to Crayola for Color Wonder- It’s a genius product. I wish I had thought of it first.
  • And lastly but most importantly, tons of snuggles and kisses, because I swear, a child’s love is truly the best medicine
I am sure I could go on endlessly, and I often do, but this was just a top of my head list. The Guncles are truly an amazing resource for any baby/child products I know. Always ask them.
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