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Raise funds for your group while going green with Itzy Ritzy!

Itzy Ritzy Fundraising Program:

Itzy Ritzy’s Snack Happened™ Reusable Snack Bags and Wet Happened?® Zippered Wet Bags are a popular and on-trend fundraiser that helps your organization raise money while simultaneously educating children on the importance of making environmentally concious choices.

Looking for a fundraiser to help your school, team or organization raise money? Interested in going green? This is the perfect program for you. It’s easy, it’s organized, it’s a great product and it could be your super seller!

The Itzy Ritzy Fundraising opportunity is great for your group, including:

  • Band Fundraiser
  • Booster Club Fundraising
  • Boy Scout Fundraising (Custom Boy Scout Fabrics Available)
  • Catholic School Fundraisers
  • Cheerleader Fundraisers
  • Choir Group Fundraisers
  • Christian Academy Fundraising
  • Church Fundraising
  • Dance Team Fundraisers
  • Day Care Fundraising
  • Girl Scout Fundraisers (Custom Girl Scout Fabrics Available)
  • Gymnastics Groups Fundraising
  • High School Fundraiser
  • Little League Fundraiser
  • PTA Fundraisers
  • Pre-school, Nursery School, Montessori Fundraising
  • Sport Team Fundraisers
  • Swim Team Fundraiser (Wet Bags Are Great for Storing Wet suits!)
  • Youth Group Fundraisers

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